Real Time Marketing is a strategic approach to the market that exploits the company’s ability to react promptly to certain internal or external events, using them to its advantage. To adopt a strategy of this type, it is necessary to constantly monitor the environment and the conversations that take place on the net, in order to identify trend topics potentially capable of involving the reference public and transforming them into concrete opportunities to convey one’s corporate identity.

The Case of the Tempo Brand

Many Italian companies have perceived the advantages and potential of being Ukraine Phone Number reactive and offering innovative experiences to their customers: this is the case of the brand Tempo, a handkerchief brand, which, on the occasion of the release of the new single by the singer Adele, has created an astute message to emphasize how the use of the same was the solution to the emotion aroused by the artist’s songs. The campaign has received a lot of support and has been shared. On social networks by a large number of users, thus contributing to increasing both the awareness of the brand and the involvement of potential customers.

Five Tips for Real Time Marketing

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Ukraine Phone Number List

Today, transmitting a dynamic digital identity is important, a real time marketing campaign. If taken care of in the smallest details and carried out in a conscious way. Has positive impacts: it allows you to stimulate user involvement, improve. The visibility of the brand and, finally, to take part in current events by creatively expressing the company mission. Before publishing the message, a rigorous analysis of the text is necessary to verify that. It involves the target audience and that it meets the expectations of users. Not all events and topical issues are suitable for everyone, it is necessary to focus only on. The opportunities that reflect and can convey the company’s values;

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