of lichens has been scientifically proven for decades. In addition to being excellent bioindicators of environmental pollution and air quality, they are exceptionally resistant organisms to adverse environmental conditions, which is why their capacity to colonize very diverse ecosystems is enormous. They can even resist cosmic radiation. The results reinforce the concept of lichens as symbiotic multispecific and self-sufficient microecosystems; miniature models that facilitate the extrapolation of data to the analysis of interrelationships in large ecosystems. This publication consolidates the importance of the study of lichens as sources of biodiversity. The work published in PLOS ONE is signed by the Cavanilles Institute researchers Patricia Moya, Arántzazu Molins, Lucía Muggia and Eva Barreno, as well as by Fernando Martínez-Alberola from the University of Trieste.

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The research, carried out by the Research Group “Symbiosis, Diversity and Evolution in Lichens and Plants: Biotechnology and Innovation” of the University of Valencia, has been sponsored by Kyrgyzstan Email Lists the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO¬_CGL2016-79158-P) and the Generalitat Valenciana, through the Excellence in Research program Until the publication of this study, the works that had dealt with the way of life of the first vertebrates were very scarce and most of them were based only on sedimentological data. This work constitutes an important part of Humberto Ferrón’s doctoral thesis, directed by Héctor Botella and focused on the study of the way of life of the first vertebrates. The research has been carried out over three years with several field campaigns and visits to collections of sharks and fossil remains in various museums in Spain

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Museu Cau del Tauró de l’Arboç, Tarragona; Museu de Zoologia de Barcelona, Barcelona; National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid); and international (Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin; Queensland Museum in Brisbane, National Museum of Scotland and Australian Museum in Sydney). Investigation Group Humberto Ferrón and Héctor Botella belong to the Early Vertebrate Evolution Research-lab Research Group (http://www.evervalencia.es/), integrated into the Paleontology and Theoretical Biology Group of the Institut Cavanilles de Biodiversitat i Biologia Evolutiva of the University of Valencia. The team studies the origin and early evolution of the first vertebrates, as well as the timing and rhythm of the appearance of different tissues and skeletal structures. His research combines traditional paleontology with studies of comparative

anatomy and developmental biology in existing organisms. The study by Humberto Ferrón and Héctor Botella has received funding from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the Generalitat Valenciana and the SYNTHESYS program of the European Union.laboratory-reared individuals that came from light parents from light soil were also lighter than those from dark parents from dark soil. This genetic basis for color and the cost of color change shows that there are limitations to color change as well. This leads to the belief that the ability to change their color to their environment does not solve all the problems for grasshoppers, and that the processes of natural selection or the selection of suitable habitat also play a role in the adaptation of populations of grasshoppers. grasshoppers to their environments. “All these results help us to

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