caught in the Atlantic (the mixing zone). The main challenge of our study has been to gather all the biological samples necessary to develop the genetic markers, a task for which it has been necessary to coordinate an international consortium made up of partners from Africa, Asia, America and Europe ”, adds the researcher. Analysis of larvae, fingerlings and adults The tool generated in the framework of the research has been based on the analysis of more than 600 larvae, fingerlings less than one year old and broodstock collected in the main spawning areas of this species, a very relevant quantity given the difficulty of obtaining larvae and offspring of this species. It has also been genetically shown that bluefin tuna return to their place of birth

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, after several years of migrations Specifically, tens of Madagascar Email Lists thousands of markers distributed in the bluefin tuna genome have been discovered, of which a hundred have been selected for the diagnosis of origin. This tool has been applied to study the origin of a thousand adult tunas caught throughout the Atlantic. “Our goal is to offer answers to the need to better manage a resource that until recently was in a critical situation. We have tried to resolve the need to correctly determine the origin of each of the large populations of tuna, the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Mexico, which, although they are not related to each other to reproduce, do gather in the sea and also have the same appearance, so genetic identification is the only way to distinguish

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them “, adds the expert in marine research. The study has also made it possible to genetically demonstrate that bluefin tuna return to their place of birth, after a period of several years of transatlantic migrations.The genome of the avocado plant has been sequenced by an international team in which the researchers Julio Rozas and Alejandro Sánchez Gracia, from the Faculty of Biology and the Biodiversity Research Institute of the UB ( IRBio ), are also members of the Bioinformatics Barcelona ( BIB ) platform . The new work , published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), will help improve genetic modification programs to optimize the growth of this plant – the green gold in the international market – and to enhance

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