Will it increase my sales? Does it lower my costs? Does it reduce risks? If you pitch credibly that you can answer at least one of these questions with ‘yes’ by using gamification. Doors will open and budgets will be released. Raftopoulos’ research Australia WhatsApp Number List underlines this. Satisfaction with the use of gamification is significantly (10%) higher among companies. That see gamification as a (motivation) strategy that is widely supported up to senior management. Get inspired A good example of a case in which. This was successful comes from Manuel Pimenta (gamification designer at Fractal Min.

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His company ‘gamified’ the ’employee engagement’ of Worten (Portugal’s MediaMarkt). Together with employees and management, Fractal Mind built a platform in which employees earn points for sales, but also for commitment and involvement. The concept and the chosen game mechanics are based on an extensive strategy. For example, the CEO of Worten spent two weeks undercover in one of the 200 stores to experience which problems had to be tackle to increase the motivation of sellers. Subsequently, employees were involve in the construction of the platform. So that Worten Winners really became theirs.

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The results don’t lie. In some ‘game periods’ the employees are at work before their manager, for a strategy meeting on how to become the best store in the chain. Because it is also possible to score on customer satisfaction, the service level – and thus the turnover – shows an upward trend. That line continues to rise as employees keep coming up with new things to improve the performance of their store. Employee turnover decreased and to this day ‘worten employees play their job as if it were a game’. Something that, according to Pimenta, woul never have been possible if the entire company ha not been involve in the gamification strategy.

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