different. In these regions there is little overlap in the distribution of known threatened species with those with poor data. Therefore, “the percentage of threatened amphibians is much higher than we previously knew,” laments the expert. The
research could allow appropriate decisions to be made based on the location of these species for which there is no data and which are probably in danger of extinction. “We need to act quickly to make amphibians a high conservation priority and include data-deficient species in conservation strategies,” he concludes.The blue supergiants are the “rock stars” of the Universe, gigantic stars that live fast and die young. As with mass idols, being able to access their most intimate secrets is the great desire

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of their fans. Thanks to a joint work Guam Email List carried out by researchers from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) and other centers in Europe, America and Australia, this dream is beginning to come true. By applying Astroeismology techniques to a set of data obtained by NASA’s Kepler and TESS space missions, it has been possible to peer inside these types of high-mass stars. Just as seismologists obtain information from the interior of our planet by investigating the waves produced in earthquakes,Nature Astronomy . Since the first astronomical observation in 1609 by Galileo Galilei, telescopes have allowed us to probe the depths of the Universe. However, accessing the interior of the stars (even our

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Sun) is a more complicated task that involves knowing how to listen and decipher the symphony of sounds that they generate. In our exploration of the Universe we have found that not all stars are the same or live in the same way. Many of them resemble the Sun and their life goes on calm for billions of years. Others, much more massive, live quickly and vertiginously before dying as an impressive supernova explosion, scattering all the material that made them through space. Among these high-mass stars are the so-called blue supergiants, which could be considered adolescents who have just launched into seeking new emotions after

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