Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William joined a group of 7 leaders on Friday for a reception and dinner as the royal family has an unusually strong presence in the lands of the annual summit. The Royal Players led the Eden Project, an environmental and education center in Cornwall, England, about 35 miles from Carbis Bay, where the summit is being held. In addition to the Queen, the Prince of Wales and heir to the throne, Charles, and his eldest son, Prince William, wife of Charles, wife of the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, and William, wife of the Princess. Cambridge was also involved.

Earlier Friday, First Lady

The summit will take place just two months after the death of 73-year-old Queen’s Bahamas Phone Number husband, Prince Philip. But at the age of 95, Elizabeth quickly updated the schedule of public performances. Friday will mark its first meeting with foreign leaders since the start of the pandemic. The Eden Project is the right place for Prince Charles, who also holds the title of Duke of Cornwall. He has tackled a variety of environmental causes, including the fight against global warming, one of the topics discussed by G7 leaders. President Biden and his wife, Dr Biden, are scheduled to visit Queen’s Castle again on Sunday before meeting in Brussels to meet with .

On the Living Room

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