crop yield. On the other hand, monocultures are the cause of approximately one third of the negative effects on pollination that result from landscape simplification (measured by the loss of “pollinator wealth”). This effect is even greater with the biological control of pest species, where the loss of “wealth of natural enemies” represents 50% of the total consequences of the simplification of the landscape. “In future conditions with continuous global changes and more frequency of extreme climatic events, the value of the biodiversity of agricultural lands that guarantees resistance against environmental disturbances will be even more important”, explains Matteo Dainese, biologist at Eurac Research and first author. of the study. “Our study shows that

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biodiversity is essential to guarantee the provision Philippines Phone Number List  of ecosystem services and to maintain high and stable agricultural production. For example, a farmer may depend less on pesticides to get rid of pest insects if natural biological control is increased through greater agricultural biodiversity “, adds Berta Caballero, curator of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona and co-author of the study. The researchers recommend protecting the environments that are maintained through biodiversity and diversifying croA new article published in the journal Scientific Reports reveals that 44% of the colonies of the ascidian Didemnum vexillum – a marine invertebrate cataloged as an invasive species – in the Ebro delta are formed by genetic

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chimeras, that is, by cells with different endowments genetics. According to the study, this ability to form chimeras could be a decisive factor in enhancing the genetic diversity and colonizing success of this exotic species in natural ecosystems around the world. The experts Marta Pascual, from the Faculty of Biology and the Biodiversity Research Institute (IRBio) of the University of Barcelona participate in the new article; Xavier Turon, from the Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB) of the CSIC; Maria Casso (UB-IRBio-CEAB-CSIC), and Davide Tagliapietra, from the Italian Institute of Marine Sciences. Didemnum vexillum : a global invader Sea squirts are a group of marine invertebrates of the tunicate subphylum with a great capacity to colonize

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