We therefore do not optimize every channel (email, website, SEA, sales) for conversion, but for the phase in the customer journey. Tjaard Prins (data specialist) Why Henny does buy that dress and not this one – Miss Etam Women’s fashion chain Malaysia WhatsApp Number List Miss Etam has made the transition from a product-overkill website to a personalized webshop based on data. The data-driven webshop ensures that every visitor gets to see a personalized webshop. We see Henny (loves the latest fashion, size L, subscribed to the newsletter who only sees clothes in her size on the homepage and is certainly not bothered with a pop-up to subscribe to the newsletter.

The Principle Of Reciprocity

Also read: A Customer Data Platform: something for your organization? [pros & cons] But the personalization goes further. Henny also clicks a lot on the new fashion section on the webshop. How ‘coincidental’ is it then that Henny receives an email every month in which the latest collections are shown? Is Henny further down the funnel? Then she receives an email with recommendations based on products she has viewed on the website. Convinced by the recommendations, Henny added a product to the shopping cart. Green check marks followed by product benefits appear as a pop-up in her screen.

Malaysia WhatsApp Number List

Of Reciprocity

Going beyond Return On Ad Spend – ADchieve More and more people are wondering whether Google Ads still work. What does Alex van de Pol from ADchieve say? Yes. Google Ads still work. It mainly comes down to which words you advertise. So time to test this. Control groups allow you to test which ads are working and which are not. Adchieve The easiest way to test this is to split a geographic group. One part of this group will not see any advertisements and the other group will. You test this for a certain period and after this period you compare the results.

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