In addition, AIs can not only compare “hard” data between candidates, they are also able to identify emotions, aptitudes and preferences through analysis of videos and social networks. 4.- Prevent cyber attacks Although cybersecurity programs had focused on blocking and countering attacks, artificial intelligence applied to this sector is betting on the analysis of weak points and the algorithmic prediction of attacks, which, together, make security systems current barriers that are much harder for hackers to break.

Government institutions and banks are beginning to use these technologies, although they are also gradually being integrated into the antivirus systems that we all know. 5.- And, of course, digital marketing! It would take a lot of posts to explore all the applications that artificial intelligence has in the universe of digital marketing (luckily we have a whole blog dedicated to it). For now we will limit ourselves to mentioning some of the most relevant. First of all, artificial intelligence and machine learning stand out.

News And Releases Of Google Marketing

For their ability to make quick and Ecuador WhatsApp Number List decisions regarding. The type of marketing actions that should be taken. For example, the type of ads that are presented to each audience. The words key for which it is more convenient to bid in advertising auctions. Or the type of emails that each sector of our lead base sends. Artificial intelligence has also made. It possible to expand the forms and channels of search. Today users can no longer only search by text. They can also do it by voice and even by scanning images. For example, some e-commerce already includes the option to search for a similar product using. An image that the user has taken with their cell phone.

Ecuador WhatsApp Number List

Finally, AIs are also taking a leading role in data analysis. To increase conversions and sales, as they convert overwhelming amounts. Of information into recommendations and specific indications. So that companies obtain better results day after day. At Xarvis we are passionate about artificial intelligence. Give us a call and learn about the many ways automation. Can help you grow beyond your limits. Do you want to know what was. The most important thing that happened in Google Marketing live 2019? Then take a look at this practical summary that Xarvis brings to you.

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June 19, 2019Uploaded by Assul2Posted in Digital Marketingviewed 702 times. News and releases of Google marketing live 2019. You can’t miss these trends There is an annual event not to be missed. By marketers and companies that are betting on digital automation to grow. And stay ahead of the competition: Google marketing live . These are two days of conferences and talks. Where the Internet colossus announces. The digital marketing news it has for its customers.

Last month, the 2019 edition of this very important congress was held in the city of San Francisco, and the undoubted star was once again artificial intelligence applied to the creation of automated advertising campaigns. Among the trend-setting topics, they highlighted new and more direct ways of getting leads from advertising, the evolution in the automatic configuration of intelligent campaigns and new and more efficient forms of responsive search ads, among others. The most important news that Google marketing live 2019 brought us Here are some of the trends that will set the course for marketing automation this year:



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