Ecommerce purchases have increased . But above all we can assure you that they have increased through mobile phones compared to computers in recent years. But . What are the reasons that have led users to prefer to make purchases through mobile devices? It is a convenient payment option It is a much faster and instant payment method It’s easier than paying with cash or card It is not necessary to carry a wallet . The mobile Poland phone number your data I receive instant payment confirmation Simplify the payment process These Apps offer the option to apply discount coupons I can keep track of receipts in case I have to change a product I can pay without offering details of my economic data to the seller After knowing the reasons that lead customers to be interested in phones when making purchases .

We must know an important piece of information such as the payment method that users prefer. Among some of the most used payment methods we can select the 4 favorite payment systems among users: Google wallet : Application with which you can send and receive money . Providing only the Poland phone number or your phone number. Among other options . You can keep track of the money that others owe you and check when they will return it to you. You can access your money in a matter of minutes. During 2015 . 13% of users chose this application. Paypal : Paypal allows you to send payments and transfers to any user who has an email or a phone number .

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Operated in 202 countries in total. It allows sending payment requests to those users who have not yet paid . Receiving this request and choosing the payment method they prefer. It offers the refund option in case you decide not to keep the order . Activating the refund option . It has no Poland phone number costs. In 2015 . 28% of users chose Paypal as their favorite shopping application. Apple Pay : Offers a simple and easy way to pay on iphone and tablet devices . Just by bringing the reader closer or by double-clicking on the start button when the phone is locked . Accessing a folder and starting to make your purchases. Your card number is never registered on the phone .

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Just like your bank numbers are never sent to sellers. It is positioned as the favorite application of users . Reaching a 45% preference during the past 2015. Venmo : Allows you to make online payments . Instantly from the account that you create in this application . You can link your debit card or your bank account to this bank account. Ideal for making purchases in different mobile applications. You can also share the purchases you Poland phone number made with your list of friends who also have an account in this application and share impressions about the products. Protect your account against unauthorized transactions and access to your personal or financial information.

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If electronic commerce continues to grow and more and more users are interest in making use of it . It is because they have perceived new advantages that traditional commerce had not previously offered them. It is important that we know how to identify the advantages why customers Poland phone number to choose ecommerce as a means of purchase and try to improve these advantages. These are some of the characteristics for which digital commerce is chosen over traditional: You can have access to stores that are located in remote places Possibility of offering and finding many more variety of items Much faster when communicating faster transactions.

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