The study examined every step consumers take while shopping online. For each step, the respondents were asked what emotions they experienced. Roughly speaking, all these steps can be divided into three different phases: the search, payment and delivery. Each of these phases is characterized by different feelings, to which the online retailer can respond in a different way: Searching While searching for articles and filling the online shopping cart, consumers generally experience a lot of positive emotions.

Negativity To A Minimum

Inspiration is the emotion that was mentione most when opening. The webshop page (21%) and viewing the offer (33%). In these two steps, desire is also mentione as a common emotion (11% and 13%), respectively. When finding a nice item, consumers are particularly excited (13%). First of all, it goes without saying to furnish a webshop with Algeria WhatsApp Number List up inspiration. One metho to boost desire is to create scarcity. Are there only a few items available? Then let your customers know. For fear of being misunderstoo they then fill their shopping cart faster.

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Possible Negativity

Also read: Experience marketing: this is how McDonald’s & KPN do it Paying The Emotional Shopping Index showed that consumers experience more negative emotions during the checkout phase than during the search and delivery phases. Only joy and amusement are positive emotions that were mentione. 9% of the respondents indicated that they felt these emotions when going to the checkout. Consumers are happy that they are really going to buy the product now. When going to the checkout and filling in the data, they are mainly impatient, 11% and 20% indicate these emotions.

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