Than the good end? Of course, take into account the purchasing patterns of your customers so that you send the messages at the most appropriate time and moment. You can even use the geolocation service to give that “little push” to customers who are near your physical store. Personalizing these messages and delivering personalized offers is the key to making these messages truly effective. Of course, you must have collected data from your customers’ visits and their purchasing patterns and if you already have a marketing automation platform, surely you have already taken this step.

With so many people eager to find the best discount, the good weekend also becomes a perfect opportunity to greatly increase your lead base. Simply offer some benefit, such as a discount, a two-for-one or a coupon applicable to their next purchase, and at the same time obtain the name, email and if possible the cell phone number of each prospect or client. This will allow you to open channels of communication to stay close to them in the long run. The lead nurturing you do with this method is highly effective, especially if you use the “urgency” factor to your advantage.

Build Long-term Relationships

For example, if you offered discount Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List . That are valid for one month, you can send a push notification a few days. Before they expire, reminding the user that time is running out to take advantage of them. A great tool for this purpose is RFM analysis , marketing automation platforms. Already have this “cash” analysis that allows you to identify your best customers. And of course be able to reward them appropriately. You haven’t used it. What are you waiting for!

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The terrible abandoned carts do not have to give you. So many headaches if you learn to make them your allies. Okay, maybe the customer got discouraged at the last minute and caution caused him. To back away from a purchase that he may have considered impulsive. But this does not have to be the end of the story. Remember that people’s purchasing patterns are cyclical. And often have to do with receiving their salary. So do not rule out these potential customers, just remember to contact them again the following fortnight and exclusively respect the promo that they did not dare to take in the good end.

Turn Abandoned Carts Into Your Allies

We recommend that you do this only once, because if you respect the treatment fortnightly, the client will get used to the fact that there is really no urgency. The recovery of abandoned carts together with the recommendations of similar and/or complementary products is the best way to increase your purchase ticket. B2C Marketing Automation tools not only have the ability to send the abandoned cart but also to make recommendations according to different behavior patterns (if the famous algorithms), it is likely that your Marketing Automation platform already has these capabilities.


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