and a great energetic effort that reduces your survival expectations. A research team, led by the UEx professor and professor at the University of Córdoba, Juan Carranza , and in which several members of the Extremadura University have participated, raised the possibility that deer could adapt their efforts to the time to develop the antlers according to the number of rivals they had to face, and in this way, avoid the wear of their teeth and increase their life expectancy. The result has been published in the journal Scientific Reports , of the Nature Research group . To test this hypothesis, the research team measured the antlers of thousands of deer from hunting areas by comparing two population groups: one with few very young male competitors

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another with large numbers of adult male deer. Males who faced more rivals were found to produce larger antlers and wear their teeth more than those who lived in populations that had Colombia Phone Number List fewer males compared to females and therefore had less competition. “These results show for the first time that the social environment influences the development of sexual characteristics in deer, which is very expensive for the individual, and that they can save on their production without reducing the chances of success in competition with other males,” he explains. Juan Carranza, principal investigator of the study, which collects data in many farms in Extremadura (Sierra de San Pedro and Monfragüe) and in Sierra Morena de Córdoba. Darwin has already used deer to

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exemplify the exaggerated sexual traits that are produced through sexual selection. However, today they are also commercial products that are used for hunting activity such as hunting trophies. In addition, there is a huge market for ranching deer to produce antlers for oriental medicine. This discovery provides insight into the conditions under which male deer produce larger antlers. The use of this study by managers and institutions should be responsible for not altering the conditions that influence both animal welfare and the maintenance of natural evolutionary processes.A team from the Doñana Biological Station (EBD), center of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Seville, has confirmed in a field study with common bumblebees

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