Do you use a channel to realize transactions? Or do you focus more on users who are still orientating? If you know this, you also know on which metrics you can settle a channel. Behavior Here you rate the pages on your website based on Lebanon WhatsApp Number List visits and activity, but also on the type of page (for example, whether it is a landing page, a blog or last page in the flow). So again, think about the context here and judge the numbers based on the context of the page. Compare your better landing pages based on conversion rate.

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Landing Page BehaviorExample: landing pages The landing pages report helpsyou assess which landing pages are a good starting point for your visitors. Are there any pages that give a higher pages-per-session average? What is the bounce rate per page? And are conversions registered on that page? In the example above you can see that one of the pages mainly provides conversions and that the bounce rate is quite high for this type of website. This is because the services website has a blog. The blog provides a lot of traffic, they are often found through organic search.

Lebanon WhatsApp Number List

With Each Other

These users just don’t get past the topic they want to read, so they leave without interaction. One of the solutions for this is to make the blogs more sales-driven. Provide clear call to actions and write in such a way that you activate the user more to do something. Make it clear to the reader that you offer a solution. And indicate which steps they need to take to arrive at that solution. Conversion The conversion report shows you the micro and macro goals of your site. For the micro-goals, consider: click on email addresses/phone numbers visits to important pages visitors who have viewed more than x number of pages visitors who watched an important video.

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