I hope these practical examples provide you with inspiration to use for your own evaluation. Finally, you can use a practical exercise to use the above tips for your own Google Ads evaluation. Ready to start determining your KPIs for your Google Ads campaigns? Determine KPIs for your Google Ads campaigns Before you start investing in Google Ads, it is important to Ukraine WhatsApp Number List determine your most important KPIs. When are your investments in Google Ads successful? Of course, you have many KPI models to choose from. Personally, I am in favor of the AGE model: Acquisition: cost per visit (without bounces) & % supporting conversions User behaviour: path length & session quality End result: commission value You see that in this case.

Efficient Than Paid Channels

I opt for 5 KPIs. Under acquisition I choose a micro-KPI such as cost per visit (without bounces). In Google Ads you see your cost per click, but what do the visits cost nowview at least 2 pages? Is this equal or clearly more than your CPC? Under user behavior I choose path length, among other things. Perhaps a difficult word. It is the literal translation of path length. How many clicks does the Google Ads user need to convert? example google ads KPIs In this case it makes no sense to use a conversion model based on last or indirect last click. 98 percent of conversions are 2 or more clicks.

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Than Paid Channels

Under result, I choose commission value in this case. This is a specific KPI for this website. An alternative KPI could be gross profit or value of your leads. You may be thinking: Google Ads still uses target CPA/ROAS? That’s right. I’m not a big fan of these KPIs myself. They are focused on the short term (weekly). In addition, you do not include your margins within target CPA/ROAS. No organization has a margin of 100 percent. That is why I advise you to ignore these Google Ads KPIs. Also read: Google Analytics: the how and why of conversion attribution Additional tip: always link objectives to your KPIs, especially aimed at your gross profit or value of your leads.

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