Making a distinction According to critics, a distinction shoul be made. Between health-related insurance and other non-life insurance. In healthcare, this is regulate by the government in the Netherland. Health-insured persons may not be refused. In non-life insurance, it seems legitimate that the reckless behavior should not be finance by the higher UAE WhatsApp Number List premium of all insure persons. Fines for bad driving behavior This is contrary to the principle of solidarity. Some auto insurers, which offer a discount for good behavior calculated by telematics. Also have plans for bad driving fines.

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The disadvantage of this approach is that it can create cognitive dissonance and a poor image of the insurer in the media. This can seriously damage the image of the insurer in question – with all the consequences that this entails for the long term. Cost reduction or increase? IoT solutions for insurers remain a thorny issue. Especially as insurers try to strike a balance between. The benefits for their customers and commercial profit. Insurers use their customers to collect data and perform analysis based on it. The give and take in this relationship cannot be based solely. On the use of personal data (regulated in part by the GDPR): customers will also deman. Compensation for the collection of the anonymized data.

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That discussion will play a role in many of the new opportunities that IoT offers the insurance industry. As usage-based insurance and premium reductions for good behavior lea. To cost reductions but at the same time they can have. A huge negative impact on insurers’ revenues. This remains a major challenge for insurers. Animal insurances Yet there are countless other insurances to which IoT can be applie very well. How about pet insurance? Irish company Moocall has developed a sensor that attaches to a cow’s tail and detects tail movement.

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