to both the SCOVAM method and the commercial one, since all methods have a range of uncertainty that prevents distinguishing a positive result from the result produced by negative sera”, indicates Parro . Method validation The development of methods for detecting viral (including RNA by RT-PCR) and serological antigens may be biased if only samples from admitted persons or the healthcare community are used. For this reason, the CAB and the microbiology laboratory of the Hospital Central de la Defensa “Gómez Ulla” are currently working on a random and voluntary serological study in order to validate SCOVAM on a sample without apparent bias. In addition to finding out the incidence of Covid-19 in this group, the immunological load against

the virus will be monitored over time, so Belarus Phone Number List that both the concentration of antibodies and their prevalence in blood can be inferred. “SCOVAM is a powerful tool to study the existence of antigen-antibody patterns among positive sera and even to infer the interactions with greater neutralizing capacity. At the same time, it could be used as a method of monitoring the effectiveness of future vaccines ”, adds the CAB researcher. The Chamber of Barcelona , in collaboration with the Consell de Cambres, will launch an initiative this Thursday to encourage entrepreneurs to present projects that contribute to building a new industrial

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mobility hub of the future , which places Catalonia as an actor of the first order in terms of sustainable mobility and respectful of the environment. The UPF Department of Information and Communication Technologies ( DTIC ) participates, together with large institutions and companies, such as the RACC, the Free Zone Consortium, Price Waterhouse, the Cluster of the Automotive Industry of Catalonia, Ficosa , the Barcelona-Catalonia Circuit, Leitat, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Moventia, Fira de Barcelona, ​​ClusterMoto, Banco Sabadell, Barcelona TechCity and IQS. The objective of this initiative is to find, promote and support industrial projects aimed at sustainable mobility and make this initiative a success story that allows the creation of

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