and innovative instrumental implementations is essential to open new lines of research that allow us to answer the large number of questions that scientists ask ourselves every day”, concludes Bueno.800,000-year-old tooth, belonging to the species Homo antecessor. The findings made by scientists from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), in collaboration with colleagues from the National Center for Research on Human Evolution (CENIEH-ICTS) of Burgos, as well as other institutions, including the IPHES (Institut Català de Paleoeoclogia Humana i Evolució Social) and the Rovira iVirgili University are published today on April 1, 2020 in the prestigious journal Nature. “Analysis of ancient proteins provides evidence of a close relationship between Homo

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antecessor, Neanderthals, modern humans and Denisovans. Our results support the idea that ancestor Homo was a sister group to the hominin group that contained Homo sapiens, Homo Paraguay Phone Number List neanderthalensis and Denisovans, and we must assume that the phylogenetic trees that we have obtained describe well the kinship relationships between these groups of hominids, “Says Frido Welker, postdoctoral researcher at the Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen and first author of the article. Rebuilding the human family tree Using a technique called mass spectrometry, the researchers sequenced ancient proteins from tooth enamel and very precisely determined the position of ancestor Homo in the human family tree. The new method, developed by

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researchers at the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, allows scientists to retrieve molecular evidence to accurately reconstruct human evolution from times we did not yet have access to. The respective genealogies of chimpanzees and humans diverged between nine and seven million years ago. Since we have that data, scientists have worked to better understand the evolutionary relationships between modern humans and all the other species in our lineage, of which only their fossil remains remain. “Much of what we know so far is based on the results of ancient DNA analysis or observations of the physical shape and structure of fossils. Due to the chemical degradation of DNA over time, the oldest human genetic

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