The website asks the user to upload a PDF, but this is not always possible on a mobile device. You can solve this by, for example, giving the option to link your LinkedIn page as a resume to the application. Acquisition The acquisition report gives Kuwait WhatsApp Number List you more information about your communication channels and the number of users visiting your website from here. This is shown in combination with behavioral and conversion statistics. This is interesting to micro-manage. You also want to rate the work you put into your channels. Does the strategy you follow work for your channels? Or are there outliers in, for example, the bounce rate or conversion rate? You may then have to make adjustments in the channels.

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If your paid traffic has a lower conversion rate than your organic search traffic, you can start looking at whether you need to adjust your advertising strategy. If you’re getting traffic almost exclusively from organic search, it might be time to invest in other channels. Or does a paid campaign have a high bounce rate, check whether the message fits well on your landing page. Also check which sources fall under referral . If these are banks that transactions conversions are assigned to, then your conversions are probably not assigned to the correct channel.

Kuwait WhatsApp Number List

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And see if you see any opportunities to partner with sites that link to you. Example channels: which channels provide high-quality traffic? It’s common to focus on totals (such as how many users or sessions you’ve gotten from a particular channel) when determining what’s effective. Just looking at how many users you’ve gotten to your website doesn’t measure the quality of this traffic. Here you get further by looking at the average and the ratio. When you look at the sources, you want to know which source generates the most qualitative traffic.

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