One month before the Tokyo Olympics and the state of emergency that had just been lifte in much of the country, Japan saw a relatively low number of coronavirus cases last month. However, the low vaccination rate in the country, especially compare to other rich countries, and the options emerging there in recent weeks have le some public health experts to about the games or call them. With athletes and coaches from almost every country in the world preparing to land in Japan, where  will work for or participate in the Games, only 7 percent of the country’s population is fully vaccinate, compare to about a quarter or more in many other rich countries.

With Athletes and Coaches From

About 18 percent receive at least one shot, estimating Japan’s vaccination rate among Mexico Phone Number its lowest peers and leaving the population vulnerable at a time when the Delta variant is growing and is projecte to. Mongolia has promise its people a “summer without fighting.” Bahrain has said it will “return to normal life”. The tiny state of the Seychelles sought to start its own economy. All three believe, at least in part, in readily available vaccines made in. China that would allow for ambitious vaccination programs at a time when much of the world is out of reach.

Examples From Several Countries

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However, instead of freedom from coronavirus, all three countries are now fighting an influx of infections. China launched a vaccine diplomacy campaign last year promising to deliver. A shot that would be safe and effective in preventing severe Covid-19 cases. At the time, he was less sure about how successful he and the other vaccine brand had been delivered. Examples from several countries show that. Chinese vaccines may not  very effective in preventing the spread of the virus, especially new variants. The experience of these countries shows

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