then the next step is to create a Google Shopping campaign as part of a wider Google Ads campaign.

In your Google Ads dashboard, you can create a new shopping campaign using the data you previously uploaded to the merchant center. After choosing ‘Shopping’ as your campaign type, you can decide to set up either a ‘Standard’ or a ‘Smart’ campaign.

Firstly, a ‘Standard’ campaign will give you more control over your PPC management exploits, while choosing a ‘Smart’ campaign will result in more exposure for your ads.

Finish Your Google Shopping Campaign Setup

After you’ve finished building and selecting your campaign type, the final step is to only adjust your settings.

To conclude the setup process, Google requires you to give your campaign a name as well as a budget, bid strategy, and location where you want to serve your ads.

And that’s. Press save, and your Google Payroll Directors Email Lists Shopping campaign is complete and ready to go.

Payroll Directors Email Lists

PPC Geeks: Ads Specialists Once  Has

And that’s it: that’s how you set up a bespoke Shopping campaign. It’s always useful to refresh your knowledge and make sure you understand the intricacies and importance of setting up a Shopping campaign in the right way.

As an established Premier Partner, PPC Geeks pride themselves on building the best shopping campaigns possible.

That said, if you require any help with this or want to improve your Ads campaigns in general, then why not invest in one of their free Ads audits? 


Setting Up Merchant Centre Once Google Has

Once your feed is set up and ready to go, you can then create a Google Merchant Centre account. Firstly, you need to upload your product data feed to the merchant center, after which, head over to ‘Diagnostics’ to see if you need to correct any errors.

This is important because neglecting these simple fixes could result in the complete suspension of your account further down the line.

When setting up your Merchant Centre, now is the time to configure your shipping settings and tax details. needs to know your shipping costs and tax deductions to make an accurate comparison with other vendors so as to serve your ads up in the best marketplace possible.

In addition, you can also set up a number of unique tax rates depending on where you’re selling to.

With this now complete, you can progress to the next step: creating your Google Shopping campaign.

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