I personally prefer to talk about coordinating or coaching rather than leading. What I like is that Jirtsin points out is that the leadership is also divided. Depending on the challenges the team faces it is determine who can best take on leadership. We also have a lot of experience with this in our organization and it works really fantastic. This provides much Hungary WhatsApp Number List more support, trust and space to make each other better. Where work is done, leadership is needed. If you look at teams in an agile organization, according to Jirtsin you can be part of a basic team and one or more flexible (project) teams as a professional.

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The basic team focuses on the basics, for example ‘marketing and communication’. The flexible team focuses on, for example, ‘adjustment of work at the time of COVID-19’. Agile teams consist of a minimum of seven and a maximum of fifteen employees. With fewer than seven it is difficult to work with roles and with more than fifteen it is at the expense of the social aspect. Is a team having a good time and is there also time for fun? This has a positive effect on the effectiveness of the team. A good relationship with colleagues in a basic team is an important condition for being able to perform well in a flexible team.

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Design Principles We conclude with Jirtsin’s “Ten Design Principles of the Support Organization”: Start with work: what gets you out of bed in the morning? Create movement from self-organization: offers freedom and autonomy. Work in teams: a joint challenge creates synergy and energy. Experiment: every organisation, every team and every person is different. Retrieve the net continuously: what is going on in the organization? Build frameworks: give clear assignments and offer support. Do it together. Ensure safety and justice: you are allowe to make mistakes.

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