Now that you know the different points where your emails may be failing . We advise you to do a preview before sending any email. Create this habit . It will save you a lot of headaches and you will avoid bothering customers. Will you apply these recommendations? The popularity of social networks in companies as a communication tool is a fact. However . The incorporation of these new communication channels has not been guided by guidelines and usage policies . Which has led to problems for organizations. The Belarus phone number the organization . The more important it is that there is a user guide . Both for those who are going to deal with the management of profiles on social platforms and for the use that employees are going to give of their personal accounts while they belong to the company. .

Are you one of those companies in which an employee created a social profile and the employee no longer works in your organization and you do not know the access codes? Or are there several profiles with company names on the same social network without knowing the origin and reason for the existence of any of them? If you are part of a large company where the communication and Belarus phone number departments have begun to use social networks in recent years . You may feel identified. In our experience we have observed that these things happen on a regular basis. If you want to continue learning . You can download the free guide: social media planning for digital marketing teams. Given the size of some companies .

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It is convenient to establish and agree on a series of activities and behaviors that the marketing and communication team must write in order to apply it . Both inside and outside the workplace. This guide to the use of social networks aims to help you through 6 basic guidelines to achieve a homogeneous presence . Guiding the way to participate in these social profiles in order to Belarus phone numberrelationships with potential customers through more efficient management. You will be able to better involve your team by providing more information about the guidelines and regulations for meeting the objectives set.

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Use of social profiles by company employees if any employee participates in networks on behalf of the organization . They must have prior authorization and follow company guidelines. Every person who intervenes must comply with 5 basic principles : objectivity . Impartiality . Company loyalty . Discretion and prudence. New account creation policy the first thing we need is a reference email . We are going to use it to create all the profiles we need. To avoid confusion . It is important that you create a file Belarus phone number you write down all the passwords for each social network . So that the entire responsible team can have access (you can create an online excel-type file in drive ).

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Every time there is a new registration . It must be communicated to the agency that manages it . In order to incorporate its management into the strategy and optimize the corporate image that allows it to be integrated into the analysis plan. If any employee . On Belarus phone number other hand . Suggests participation in a certain social network . They must formally request it to management in order to evaluate it. Content publication when publishing . We must reflect on whether our content meets a series of characteristics that will allow us to add value to our ideal client. The content has to be: credible . Consistent . Responsible . Coherent and constant.

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