Or, even better, to teach your customer how to gamify a process (with a canvas, for example) instead of delivering a ready-made product. In its quest for affordable and scalable gamification, Renger goes one step further. He challenges Chile WhatsApp Number List designers to develop their ‘paper prototype’ into a ‘paper product’. So it’s an analog game. In many cases, this works just as well as the digital version. With the major advantages that it is faster, easier and cheaper to duplicate and adapt. For the simple reason that you don’t need ‘expensive’ programmers, server space and SLAs.

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An interesting thought, because budgets can definitely be a barrier. Or are they a challenge for innovation Embrace Limitations Andrzej Marczewski (gamification solution designer at Motivait) shows in a convincing presentation how his company Motivait has tackled the problem of a small and fixed budget. Motivait was tasked with standardizing the onboarding of new Zebra employees in a creative, innovative and motivating way. Due to the minimal budget, no new content could be created and Motivait had to work with ‘boring’, old-fashioned presented company information.

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With Obd Monitor

Dozens of ideas went straight into the trash: too expensive, too time-consuming to build, too complex. Ultimately, Motivait’s team came up with an exciting story set on a (2D) island. Players unlock the story by absorbing (the boringly designed) company information within a limited time. Sometimes by means of a simple puzzle or quiz. That’s it . No points, badges or leaderboards. No fat animations. But super engaging (as it turned out), because players became fanatical because they wanted to know how the story ended. Scalable and repeatable? Sure, because in fact it is an information gathering game.

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