Such as your website, email marketing , Apps, different promotion channels, customer management CRM, etc. The more automated your entire sales process, subscriptions, downloads, etc., the greater the overall productivity of your strategy. However, in most cases late-funnel leads and captive customers require personalized support from an agent. For this reason, all digital marketing actions must be closely connected to the sales workflow , so that customers ready to buy immediately reach an executive who can close the sale or provide service.

Measure and analyze How much money is your investment in automation and Growth Hacking techniques bringing you? Remember that there are some indicators such as the number of visits or leads that can be triggered without actually making you money. These are called vanity goals and, although they often have an influence on income, what you are interested in measuring is the net ROI. 5.- A/B testing to find the best Growth Hack The analysis of results should always lead to a continuous evolution of your digital marketing strategies. A Growth Hacking action may be giving good metrics, but it can always improve.

Connect Your Marketing Tools With Your Sales Department

Use the useful A/B tests to hone its Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List to the maximum. 6.- Maintain loyalty programs for your captive customers Never neglect your captive customers. Successful companies like Uber. Use marketing automation to deliver promotions and coupons that encourage inactive. Or declining users to keep using the service. Remember that it is much cheaper. To retain a customer than to get a new one. If you are looking. For a marketing automation platform that also helps you make data-driven Growth. Hacking decisions, Xarvis is your best choice. Contact us and discover everything. That a smart investment can do for your business.

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Do you know what the best practices. And worst marketing automation mistakes are? review them here and find out. How to ensure good results. Marketing Automation is, proven, the most efficient. Fast and economical way to boost the results of your digital marketing. However, many companies have not obtained the expected results when implementing it. And that is because they have not followed the rigorous good practices. Or avoided the most common errors in this process.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Marketing Automation

If you want to get the most out of your marketing automation strategy. And really achieve the sales goals you have set for yourself. Consider these “Do’s” and “Don’ts” at all times. July 17, 2019Uploaded. By Miguel Angel Narvaez CamachoPosted in Marketing Automationseen 700 times. The do’s and don’ts of Marketing Automation Do’s of Marketing Automation The following are 7 golden rules that you should always follow when automating your marketing processes.

Integrate your Marketing Automation process with your sales area Your digital marketing and automation strategy and your sales area must always work together. You must manage your marketing efforts in such a way that each prospect or lead ready to buy goes directly and immediately to the sales consultant, otherwise you will miss many opportunities along the way. This is called sales enablement and is usually achieved through a CRM that allows you to record the activity and response of users against campaigns to give them personal follow-up at the right time.


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