Data to check your own sales department Checking your own sales department on the basis of chat conversations is not very obvious. Nevertheless, our chat operators regularly have to deal with complaining customers who do not receive a call Senegal WhatsApp Number List back from the seller or account manager and therefore contact them again. We pass this information on to our customer, who gains insight into which sellers are doing their job well and which are not. It even goes so far that a visitor from an energy company indicated that the account manager had not come to the appointment three times. This account manager was subsequently fired.

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Another example. An intermediary in the rental of office buildings indicated that we did not provide enough leads. However, the problem was not the number of leads, but that a lot of leads had not been implemente by a member of the sales team. 3. Data to better convert visitors It is important to analyze chats. This way you can help visitors better and get the most results from the chat yourself. The advantage of analyzing chats is that the information comes in written form.

Senegal WhatsApp Number List

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The amount of chats can be high if you have a lot of traffic based. On our own data chat on average 3.5% of website visitors). As a result, you generate a lot of information that comes directly from the potential customer, so very reliable. The information is mainly in recognizing which visitor asks which questions. We chat for a leasing company where questions are often aske about the addition. Our conversion figures show that visitors with questions about addition are further down the sales funnel and therefore convert more often.

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