that verify its quality. In particular, he has led four of these articles and has had a relevant participation in a good part of the rest. Made up of around thirty scientists and engineers, the ICCUB (UB-IEEC) Gaia team was awarded the 2013 City of Barcelona Prize for experimental sciences and technology. He is a member of the Gaia Data Analysis and Processing Consortium and leads the creation of the mission archive. Some of its members are part of the Gaia Science Team (GST), ESA’s scientific advisory body. The heads of the Borexino neutrino observatory, at the Gran Sasso National Laboratories (Italy), today announced in the journal Nature the first detection of the neutrinos produced in the Sun by the CNO (carbon-nitrogen-oxygen)

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cycle. “This is a historical result that completes a Austria WhatsApp Number List chapter in physics that began in the 1930s,” says David Bravo Berguño, a researcher affiliated with the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) during the development of this work and a member of the international collaboration who is in charge of directing the observatory. Certainly, the implications of this new measurement for understanding the mechanisms of stellar functioning are enormous. Since the CNO cycle is dominant in stars more massive than the Sun, with this observation Borexino has reached the experimental evidence of the main hydrogen fusion reaction in the Universe. In previous works, the collaboration had studied in detail the main mechanism of energy production in the Sun: the

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proton-proton chain, individually detecting all the neutrino fluxes that it originates. Now, by measuring the neutrinos produced in the CNO cycle, which in the Sun represent 1% of the total, Borexino has obtained the first experimental evidence of the existence of this additional mechanism of energy generation. “We finally have the first and groundbreaking confirmation of how stars heavier than our Sun shine. It is the culmination of a thirty-year collective effort,” said Gianpaolo Bellini, one of the founding fathers of the experiment that began in 1990. A unique detector in the world Solar neutrinos can only be observed with highly sensitive detectors capable of excluding sources of background noise: tiny traces of natural and cosmic radioactive

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