Improve the management of water balances, among other actions.” Article reference:the presence of residues of milk acids in ceramic containers. Regarding the causes that could have influenced when or not orienting the herds to dairy production, the researchers point out that, in addition to environmental factors, the various cultural dynamics and traditions that characterized the communities could also have been important. Early Neolithic Northern Mediterranean The research also raises questions about how this milk was processed to make it digestible and palatable to early Neolithic farmers, many of them probably lactose intolerant.The study will serve as a starting point for future genetic association analyzes. These analyzes seek to establish the relationship between genetic markers and phenotypic characters, allowing to establish the genetic characteristics

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that determine their expression. It is of special importance in genetic improvement for the adaptation of crops to environmental conditions derived from global climate in the Netherlands Email List region, a model in which the main beneficiary would be the latter. The alternative option, that is, the association between the weak populations, would allow them to outperform the strong city. “The result of our work speaks clearly: this is the best option from a global point of view,” the authors explain. Ebola research Various research groups around the world are working to unravel the mysteries of the Ebola virus. This has been the second example that the authors have highlighted in their work. The study analyzes the potential collaborations of virologists at the University of Oxford with other European centers. In this scenario, the University would have to decide which

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strategy is best to promote, that is, with whom to partner. “We believe that the theory that we present in our work can help research centers to make the best possible decision when seeking collaborations,” they indicate. Connecting Fragmented Habitats: Brown Bear Conservation For decades, the brown bear conservation effort in the Pyrenees has been coordinated by Spain, France and Andorra. Each country has its own reserve areas between which ecological corridors are established through which bears can pass from one reserve to another. This is a good example of the fact that, for the benefit of a protected species, often three or more administrations must coordinate to establish connecting routes between their respective protected areas. The new work sheds light on the most efficient way to establish such corridors, optimizing movement and recovery of the species.

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