The reason is that they are unaware of its benefits . Find it difficult to create the ad. Or simply do not believe that it is a profitable investment. According to the IAB SPAIN report on social networks. 84% of social network users state that they follow brands mainly because they want to be informed. And 65% admit that it influences their purchasing process. Given these data. Isn’t it a great idea to Bolivia phone number it in our communication? << Download free guide to improve the management of the company’s social networks >> Before starting to create any ad. You will have to take into account 3 keys that will prevent you from wasting your budget and not achieving the expected results: 1) Prepare a briefing.

These parts of the briefing will help you advance work when creating the ad. So don’t skip any section : Objectives and ideas: You must define what you want to achieve or achieve. Ask yourself why you want to do it. Your goals have to be specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic Bolivia phone number defined in time (SMART Objectives). For ideas. You can start by brainstorming. It will help you to have a list of possible creative ideas for your campaign and discard those that you think are not suitable. Finally. Develop those you chose.

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Target audience: It is a fundamental part to achieve quality impacts. The more segments you add (age. Gender. Geographical area. Interests… Behaviors) the more chances you will have of finding your buyer person or ideal client. But remember. If you segment too much. It may happen that your ad does not have enough audience to be able to show it to. Because it does not meet the Bolivia phone number that you have ordered. Action calendar. Define how long you want your ad to last. It must be a precise date with a start and end. Budget. How much budget you can allocate to the ad. 2) Set the goals of your social media campaigns well.

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It will help you select the social networks that allow you to better segment your audience and the ad format that most helps and brings your potential audience closer to conversion. Defining which types of ads to choose is not something that can be done at random. It is part of a process of analyzing the different characteristics and above all of something fundamental: asking Bolivia phone number what social networks your target audience uses. It is useless for us to advertise on a social network if our ideal clients (those we want them to meet our objective) are not on it. Below we show you the different types of ads and objectives that we can find on Facebook . Instagram .

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Twitter and linkedin . Facebook and Instagram Ads Promote your posts . Promote the page . Using the like. Attract people to your website . Send people to your website through clicks. Increase conversions on your website. Increase downloads or engagement of your app . Reach people Bolivia phone number are close to your business. Through local diffusion . Increase attendees to your event . To get more people to see and attend your event. Get people to request your offer. Increase the views of a video . Promote a product catalog . Generate leads for your business. A form will be created that will collect information from people. Twitter ads Tweet interactions .

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