If you replace the documentation, you can also use the game for compliance training, for example. And it’s easy to resell to other companies (just replace the company content). Keep innovating! Small or large budget, innovation is vital in any case. Raftopoulos’ research also Bahamas WhatsApp Number List shows that expectations often do not match with what is delivere. And that people (had) expected a more creative or distinctive solution. Raftopoulos concludes. That many points badges leaderboards solutions are still being made. Not that this is ba, but players get used to this and PBL loses power.

Indicate How Your Goal

For the future of gamification, Raftopoulos predicts a shift from finite to infinite environments. With finite you have to think of gamified environments in which the player is strongly controlled, has to follow rules and can win or lose (by far most gamified environments at the moment). At infinite you create an environment in which the player has complete freedom. Because of the choices that the player makes, a detailed profile of someone is built up in the database. The player also gets the chance to view different facets of a case and is stimulated to draw, learn or discover his own conclusions.

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How Your Goal

A good example of this is Vitworld’s game ‘Survival Islan made in collaboration with Bart Hufen. Founder of Bran New Game). The aim of the game is to playfully build a profile around your vitality needs. So: to what extent do you need growth and development on a spiritual, social-emotional, rational or physical level? The game starts after the cruise ship you were on sank off the coast of an (uninhabited?) island. As a player you are free to do whatever you want afterwards. Do you wait along the coast and try to survive by using the items that wash ashore? Or explore the island’s mysteriesDo you feel you have done everything you can, but the conversions from your website are lagging.

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