Do you have additional questions about the practical applicability of session quality or the above practical exercise? Or do you want to share your own experiences and or insights? Feel free to leave your question or experience in the comments. I really appreciate! Organizations want to optimize the customer experience. The starting point of Italy WhatsApp Number List the improvement process is often the customer journey. And then we mainly look at the touchpoints : the moments that the customer has contact with the organization. But the type of relationship is actually much more important.

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This article describes the 5 most important building blocks for a sustainable customer relationship. 1. Trust It is important for a relationship to stay within the standards that parties have explicitly or not agreed with each other. However, the relationship standards used are often not explicitly agree. This makes it difficult to find out what is or is not accepted by the other. Trust is arguably the most important success factorfor any relationship. But one thing is clear: if both parties trust each other, then the standards about what is acceptable within the relationship are suddenly a lot broader.

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Contributes Quite A Bit

Trust is perhaps the most important success factor for any relationship. If there is no trust in a relationship, things will go wrong. This applies not only in private life, but also in business. If a customer has confidence in an organization, the influence of poor service on the customer experience is less strong than if the customer has no trust. Confidence-building behavior an trust In science, a distinction is made between trust-building behavior and trust itself. If an organization displays trust-building behavior, the reliability of the organization is estimate to be higher.

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