Another great resource for Marketing are  mistakes that humans make in the decision-making process. These are mental mechanisms that allow each of us to form ideas immediately and without wasting time, starting from a series of prejudices roote in our way of thinking and seeing things, which can be the result of cultural backgrounds or of our individual and collective history. These decisions take place because they save us time and resources, therefore, a trick that our brain uses to become “ecological”. There are many types of bias, one of the most important in digital communication is in fact.

This Is Just One of the

Each individual finds certainties and confirmations in. The mass and this helps him Panama Phone Number to evaluate a fact of reality in the shortest possible time. This is just one of the many examples that make it clear how many decisions. We make in daily life are intrinsically conditioned by cognitive. Processes of which we are not always aware. The delicate ethical implications are supporte by marketers stating that the aim is not to. Merely encourage people to buy goods they do not need.

But Rather to Provide

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My name is Giada Bernile and I am 25 years old. I was born from a humanistic education with a degree in Languages, Cultures, Literatures and Translation, then I continue with a training in Digital Marketing, a discipline that has allowed me to find my “place in the world.” In fact, today I work in a large advertising and communication agency, Havas, which allowed me to get to know the delicate dynamics of one of the largest Italian companies: between Strategy, Community & Crisis Management and copywriting

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