Certain debates have an almost cyclical nature in the marketing and advertising environment specifically and in the business environment in general. They are the topics that end up falling over and over again and about which they usually end up making passionate declarations and drawing dramatic conclusions. One of them is whether advertising still makes sense or whether it is in a deep crisis of survival. Announcing the death of advertising is almost like a kind of traditional sport in this world. From time to time, the numbers and the market situation suggest that this is practically imminent.

But Is Advertising Really Dying as Much as Marketingdive ‘s

Advertising has never died, yes, and has remained a constant in the business world for decades and even centuries. Still, perhaps this is one of those times Australia Phone Number List when his existence and survival again seem especially complicated. On the one hand, general advertising investment has suffered in the last year, due to the pandemic (although digital investment has recovered and everything indicates that it will grow this year above expectations). On the other, the debate about the effectiveness of advertising as we know it is more fertile than ever.

Is the Advertising Effectiveness of Its Banners Really in Crisis?


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The arguments that would support this idea of ​​the death of advertising appear at the start of an analysis by MarketingDive. Consumers are seeing about 10,000 ads a day, making them less relevant than ever;  All of this just makes creating ads and launching them more difficult. His results have become more questionable.Some marketers have become even more skeptical of advertising. Other areas have become much more powerful and popular, such as a vacuum marketing solution that this might be leaving. But is advertising really dying? As much as MarketingDive ‘s analysis may go in that direction, it seems unlikely.  How brands want streaming to become one more space for ads is another sample button. Of course, this does not imply that everything is rosy with advertising. If there are ominous voices, it is because not everything works well and brands should keep this in mind.

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