Seems sensible to me, because with practice you learn more than just reading an article. My advice is to use this practice exercise. What do you practice with this? Determining your most important website KPIs Setting up your own Sweden WhatsApp Number List dashboard focused on acquisition, user behavior and marketing and website results Determining substantiated insights and action points Good luck with your own dashboard for your director. I am also curious about your experiences and opinion about a strategic dashboard. Do you agree with the above method or do you prefer an alternative method? I’d love to read your additions and or constructive feedback in the comments.

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The success that content marketing achieves for organizations in various industries naturally has a dark side: there is more and more content between which you have to stand out. In a series of 3 articles I discuss 3 main pillars for more ROI from content marketing. After part 1, now the second pillar: make your content marketing really personal. Because without far-reaching personalization it is very difficult to count in content marketing land in 2018. Content marketers who make a difference have two important qualities. First of all, they prefer to know their target group(s) better than their own pocket. In addition, they go to great lengths to create content that matches the personal interests and needs of customers and promising prospects insanely.

Sweden WhatsApp Number List

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Below you can read three ways to provide your content strategy with the necessary personalization boost. 1. Find the unique useful niche As a content marketer you probably know the term ‘information overload’. It ties in well with the phenomenon of ‘content shock’ (discussed in this now famous article). These developments sometimes simply make it damn difficult to get the attention of your target audience. Does your organization or customer suffer from this, or do you think that moment is approaching? I’m going to explain to you how to turn the tide.

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