The updated theme code may be very different. And in order for your function to work. You’ll need to redo the whole thing. Basically paid twice for the feature. Using the backpack analogy. This might be like trying to fit a skateboard into a backpack. If you pull it very far, you may close the zipper, but there is a risk of breaking the zipper and everything falling out.If you must go this route, make sure the developer you’re working with documents the code well so it’s easy to see what the code does and what changes. Before making code edits, back up your theme and store it in a safe place.

Build a New Theme From Scratch Building a Theme From Scratch

Option 4:  gives you a unique and beautiful desiusa email leadsgn. A from-scratch theme is what most stores want, but can’t afford.It’s like hiring a tailor to sew a new backpack with your own fabric and custom zippers. usa email leads Then you can just put what you want in the backpack, not what the manufacturer might have included.Not only is this a huge investment. But you also need to consider the cost of ongoing maintenance. As new features roll out in shopify, who’s going to update? When they arrive, who will fix the problem?Costs can easily get out of hand. There are many unknowns when building a theme from scratch.

For a Quality Freelancer or Agency, Expect to Spend at Least


$15,000 (if you’re lucky). And the limit is unknown. It is also expected that more money will be devoted to the maintenance of the theme each year.Ask the developers if they use the base theme in their build process, or if they start. From the beginning. Both are good and common. If something goes wrong, it can be restored or checked,  Marketing Strategy Mistakes That Brands Often Make in Times and they can help you distinguish code that was originally in the theme from code that was added later.increasing the risk of unknowns. Surprising technical constraints, time and budget constraints can affect the final result.



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