In the complicated summer of 1939, the first after the end of the civil war, a song triumphed in Spain. It was La Morena de mi copla , by Estrellita Castro. A few decades later, a study by the Lab identified it as the first song of the summer in Spanish popular culture. It is not perhaps now the most popular of the summer songs of that era (but in 1946 it was My Milk Cow ‘s Summer Song , which almost anyone can sing), but that does not take away from its pioneering position.

How the Song of Summer Is Created Is a Constant Om There

Since that summer in the late 1930s, popular songs have been happening. “With the arrival of the heat, Spain welcomes one of its most deeply rooted musical traditions: the summer song,” they conclude at India Phone Number List the Spain Television Lab. There are those who date the start of the summer song as we now know it to the 1960s.  The first time that the term “summer song” appears in the newspaper library of La Voz de Galicia, every year and only extreme conditions make it disappear.   The first key point in the song of the summer is how it sounds. It’s a mix, at least according to big data, of rhythm, joy and being danceable.

Also, as Neutral Points Out It Is a Mix of Chords and Rhythm

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