They then receive the information (from the annual report and other sources) that is relevant to them. 3. Work towards real-time reporting Producing an annual report once a year and nothing else is outdated. A considerable amount of financial and non-financial data can be refreshed much more often than once a year. This not only makes that Paraguay WhatsApp Number List information more up-to-date, but it also generates much more traffic (for example, to the platform on which the annual report is located). Frequency How often do you refresh which data? Financial data must be checke by the accountant, so you cannot adjust them very frequently. Companies that publish quarterly figures can in principle adjust them four times a year.

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There are also data that you can adjust per week or even per day. Companies that do this are well advance in the field of continuous reporting. Corporate data From continuous to real-time reporting If you take it even further, the annual report slowly but surely becomes a dashboard full of parameters that are constantly changing. Then continuous reporting eventually becomes real-time reporting. “It’s going in that direction more and more,” Rosenbrand notes. “Up-to-date data is of course much more relevant for stakeholders. This is also clearly visible in the higher visitor numbers that such websites.

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ProRail is an organization that has come a long way with real-time sharing of important figures. The rail manager updates its site every day on the percentage of passenger and freight trains that run on time, as well as data relating to disruptions and collisions. 4. Consider external verification of your annual report. Companies are increasingly opting for external assurance, ie having their annual report checke by an external party, usually an accountant. This is of course a legal obligation for the annual accounts, but not for most other parts of the annual report.

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