outburst. In 22 seconds its coordinates in the sky were distributed through an electronic alert to astronomers around the world, including the MAGIC collaboration, which operates two 17-meter-diameter telescopes located on La Palma. The MAGIC telescopes, noted for their fast pointing ability, began observing the explosion only 50 seconds after it began. Analysis of the data obtained during the first tens of seconds made this event the brightest source of photons in the teraelectronvolt (TeV) range. As in the afterglow of GRBs studied at lower energies, the emission quickly faded over time and half an hour later it was gone. The energy level detected by MAGIC is well above what the synchrotron radiation can contribute, responsible for the

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emission observed at lower energies in Indonesia Phone Number List previous bursts and which is produced by electrons moving at speeds close to that of light in the presence of magnetic fields. These new results suggest that the most likely origin of the emission in teraelectronvolts is the so-called inverse compton process, where a population of photons significantly raises their energy when colliding with very energetic electrons. Multiwave Observations: The Burst Environment After careful verification of the preliminary data, the MAGIC collaboration announced the unequivocal detection of TeV photons to the scientific community, facilitating an extensive campaign of observations at multiple wavelengths. Thanks to an abundant set of data, researchers from the Institute of

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Astrophysics of Andalusia have provided a complete overview of the environment where the explosion occurred. “We have combined data from some of the most powerful observatories in the world, such as the Hubble space telescope, the Very Large Telescope (VLT) and ALMA – the largest radio telescope in the world – to explain the radiation observed by MAGIC and check whether the emission of photons so energetic in this GRB is related to the environment of the star that, when it collapsed, produced the outbreak ”, points out Antonio de Ugarte Postigo, a researcher at the CSIC. This group of researchers has been able to determine that the GRB occurred in the central region of a galaxy that is in the process of interaction with another galaxy

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