identify in the unexplored parts of the genome, that has not been exploited for new drugs and other benefits that we cannot yet understand,” concludes Cédric. “Even some seemingly irrelevant organisms may play a critical role in promoting human health and that of our planet, such as the discovery of CRISPR with archaea. What we have built is a new way to find needles in haystacks. genomes of life. ” A research article describing this technology is published today in Nature Biotechnology, produced through a collaboration between the Center for Genomic Regulation, Pompeu Fabra University, the ESCI-UPF School of International Studies and the Austrian Institute of Science and Technology .Gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are short, sudden, a

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extremely powerful cosmic bursts India Phone Number List produced by the collapse of massive stars or the merger of neutron stars in distant galaxies. They begin with a very intense initial flash that varies in duration from a fraction of a second to hundreds of seconds, followed by a less bright afterglow over a wide range of wavelengths that fades over time. The first gamma ray burst detected by the MAGIC telescopes (La Palma), called GRB 190114C, reveals for the first time the most energetic photons detected in these events. The photons detected by MAGIC are in the range of teraelectronvolts (TeV), and are a trillion times more energetic than those of visible light. Theoretical studies predicted that gamma-ray bursts were producing TeV photons, and this detection culminates

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decades of searching. “After more than fifty years of the discovery of GRBs, many of their fundamental aspects remain unknown,” says Razmik Mirzoyan, spokesperson for the MAGIC collaboration. The discovery of the emission of GRB 190114C in the new TeV window shows that the Gamma ray bursts are even more powerful than previously thought. Mirzoyan adds: “The large amount of new data acquired by MAGIC and the extensive multi-wave tracking observations with different instruments offer valuable clues to unravel some of the unknowns related to the physical processes involved in gamma ray bursts.” Detection with MAGIC telescopes On January 14, 2019, the Swift and Fermi space satellites independently discovered the GRB

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