overestimating the ecotoxicity of microplastics”, comments Carmen Martín, researcher at the PLANGER Plant Germplasm Research Group of theHigher Technical School of Agronomic, Food and Biosystems Engineering (ETSIAAB) of the UPM, which has been part of the research team that carried out the study. The results showed that C. elegans was the least sensitive organism, while L. sativa showed high toxicity to microplastics. One of the tested plastic residues induced a 70% reduction in seed germination and, with both types of residues, a significant decrease in development was detected, both of the leaves and of the root (in L. sativa) that also reached values ​​around 70% inhibition of development. Their potential role as contamination

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vectors was tested using microplastics that had absorbed the contaminants ibuprofen and simazine. In vitro system with microplastics (a) and microplastics with adsorbed organic pollutants (Ibuprofen and Simazine) and the seedlings obtained (b, c, d). Source: Bioassays to assess the ecotoxicological impact of polyethylene Germany WhatsApp Number List microplastics and two organic pollutants, simazine and ibuprofen..chemosphere.2021.129704 As the authors of the work point out, “this study reveals the importance of designing a battery of bioassays with organisms of different trophic levels, considering the great variability of the effect of microplastics and the high number of environmental factors in different ecosystems”. Its use would make it possible to

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establish clear regulations that mainly affect food safety. “However, the scarcity of data on potential risks of microplastics in the terrestrial ecosystem, implies that these studies could contribute to describe their function as” vectors of pollution “and, therefore, to assess their impact on said ecosystem. ”Conclude the researchers. Carmen Martín, Carmen Fajardo, Gonzalo Costa, Sebastián Sánchez-Fortún, María Dolores San Andrés, Fernando González, Mar Nande, Gerardo Mengs, Margarita Martín. Bioassays to assess the ecotoxicological impact of polyethylene microplastics and two organic pollutants, simazine and ibuprofenWe have all seen plants that grow on the roof of a church or in the middle of a rock and surely we have wondered how

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