A user who signs up for our news newsletter is not necessarily at the same purchase stage as one who downloads a discount coupon. In addition, the probabilities that both have of making the purchase are different and respond to different factors. Qualifying your leads allows you to determine which channels are bringing you the most quality leads and what particular actions you should take with each. Your database is one of your most valuable resources because it is a cluster of prospects who in one way or another have already shown interest in your product or service.

However, many of the leads that make it up lose interest over time or simply stop being viable prospects. It’s important to keep your database as clean as possible to ensure that every prospect you’re putting effort into, even if it’s automated, actually has a chance of becoming an active customer. Month after month, get rid of wrong or suspended email addresses and users who sent your emails to the SPAM folder, for example.

Clean Your Database

If you have done the lead scoring Chile WhatsApp Number List . You should be able to locate which stage of purchase each one of your prospects is in. Doing lead nurturing means sending each of them the information. They need to move forward in the following stages until the sale is finalized. The more you personalize the messages you send to your leads according. To their needs and expectations, the more likely you are to take them to the purchase with you. If you send everyone the same message, you will simply fall into SPAM.

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Analyze results permanently Automating your marketing. Efforts isn’t just defining a set of rules and letting. The program do the rest forever and ever. Certain results correspond to those criteria. That you have established in principle, which can always be improved and optimized over time. So consider the analysis of results. And the constant modifications to improve. As an unavoidable part of your strategy.

Make Personalized Lead Nurturing

Do A/B tests A/B testing means comparing two versions. Of the same content to find out which performs better. It can be two slightly different emails. Two landing pages that only differ in the approach. Of the call to action or two advertisements with different images. Most marketing software offers easy A/B testing options. And many even do it automatically. Leverage automation to provide better customer service Automation is not only used. To reach your potential customers and lead them to the purchase.

The same rule systems can also be use. To automate much of customer service and streamline the customer service process. While reducing the burden on line managers. Don’ts of Marketing Automation. Just as there are good practices that we should always follow. There are a series of typical mistakes that we need to avoid at all costs. Do not get carried away just by the price When choosing a platform to automate your marketing. Do not make the mistake of choosing just because it is very cheap, or on the contrary, thinking that it will work better than the others just because it is very expensive.

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