Loyalty: It could be said that the ultimate goal of all marketing strategies is to get loyal customers, that is, that they return to buy again and again. In the loyalty stage, automation is used to build loyalty programs capable of keeping the best customers captive and engaged. And growth Seeking increasingly sophisticated and specific insights into customer behavior is fine, but marketing automation must also serve to grow and explore new types of prospects and strategies, not just to fully optimize the ones we already have. On one hand, you have to get super qualified leads, on the other hand, you have to allocate resources to continue evolving.

In other words, the point is not to focus exclusively on the strategies that bring you the most customers, but to optimize all possible strategies to achieve multi-channel expansion inertia. And the ROI ( Return On Investment ) in the long term Identify who your customers are with the highest LTV and always focus the bulk of your efforts and resources on them. Prioritize long-standing customers over one-time customers, even though the latter apparently earn you more up front.

Focus On The Ltv ( Life Time Value )

For example, a travel company Estonia WhatsApp Number List . That its most valuable customers were not those who took the most expensive trips. But those who made it a part of their lifestyle to travel often, even though their. Trips tended to be cheaper. Over time, these were the Buyer Persona that made. The company the most money. Moral: invest more in medium and long-term prospects. Your numbers will thank you in the future. Bet on machine learning Machine learning is the newest. And most sophisticated aspect of marketing automation.

Estonia WhatsApp Number List

Although it is already on everyone’s lips. The reality is that few companies are still taking advantage of its benefits. So it could give you a significant competitive advantage . And what is machine learning for? This is state-of-the-art technology capable of creating automated marketing campaigns that respond in real time to customer consumption patterns. That is, putting the right message in front of the right prospect at the right time. This tool is being used mainly to create personalized ads according to a series of general key terms, in combination with the preferences and tastes of the user.

Combining The Best In Marketing Automation

But, as we mentioned at the beginning, it is not an AI that does everything for you either. It is necessary to maintain constant control and analysis of the results in order to permanently optimize the process. That is exactly what we do at Xarvis , combining the best in marketing automation and machine learning technologies, with the expertise of our specialists, to give you the best automated digital marketing strategy. Predictions about the future of chatbots were divided. The ones that caught our attention the most were: “Chatbots are going to completely replace human staff in customer service”.


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