Did you know that online sales are skyrocketing on Monday mornings? Aren’t impulsive customers the ones who spend more? Today we are going to share with you five user behavior trends that will help you close the year well and have an unbeatable start to 2020. 27 November, 2019Uploaded by Miguel Angel Narvaez CamachoPosted in Digital MarketingViewed 1670 times Lessons from the “Online Consumer Trends 2019 (eCommerce Benchmark KPI Study)” The holidays are just around the corner and that means great opportunities to increase sales for many companies, especially for B2C commerce.

In addition, we see that the maximum conversion peak is located on Mondays between seven in the morning and noon, precisely at the time that people start their work activities. And exactly how can you take advantage of this to sell more? The facts are that sending personalized messages at the right time when your customers are most likely to buy is just as effective as giving them a discount, so get them MOFU content over the weekend and make sure they find a BOFU trigger in their inbox. or on your cell phone just at the start of your week .

E-commerce Benchmark Kpi Study

70% of users will return to you. If you Argentina WhatsApp Number List them the right motivation More than half (57%) of e-commerce customers made less. Than a semi-annual purchase, and 44% are single-purchase customers. However, when you have an optimal reactivation strategy that includes elements. Such as loyalty programs, upselling, cumulative points or discounts for a next purchase, etc. It is possible to increase customer captivity by up to 70%. Needless to say. Optimizing customer retention is cheaper and has a higher return on investment. Than simply attracting new users with a “one-time purchase”.

Argentina WhatsApp Number List

As additional data, the companies that were most successful. In achieving recurring conversions (at least three per year) belong to the beauty. Fashion, home and accessories niches, as well as toys and children’s products. The more you need to accompany your prospect. The highest percentage of the first purchases (36%) is made by users who came directly to the website. Because they already knew it and already knew in advance. That they will find the product they are looking for there.

The Higher The Value Of Your Product Or Service

A similar number of conversions are generated. After the user saw a display ad on social networks or other websites. Approximately 20% result from direct search on Google and Adwords. And less than 4% of the first purchases derive from a email marketing campaign. However, e-mail marketing continues to play an important role when it comes. To accompanying and educating users throughout the decision process. And this is directly proportional to the value of the product or service offered. For example, that 36% of customers who arrived directly had already. Gone through a process of prior knowledge of. The brand through inbound marketing and personalized content.

Neither impulsive nor indecisive. The ideal client is rational Customers who spend the most on each purchase have. An average of two to six previous interactions with the website or other digital sales channels. On the other hand, customers who convert immediately or impulsively tend. To spend less, and those who over-analyze and over-investigate before making a decision even less. This means that the audience you should know and target best. Is precisely the one that buys in a rational and informed manner.



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