LIMA, Peru. In the paper, candidates for the presidential ballot in Peru on Sunday are left-wing former school teachers with no management experience and the right-wing daughter of an imprisone former president who rule the country with an iron fist. Voters in Peru, however, face an even more elementary choice: whether to follow the neoliberal economic model that has dominate the country for the past three decades, having achieve some previous achievements but ultimately, according to critics, failing to provide meaningful support to millions of Peruvian pandemics.

The Model Has Failed for

The model has faile for many people,” said video producer Cesia Caballero. The virus, Egypt Phone Number she said, “was the last drop to break the glass.” During the pandemic, Peru experience the worst economic downturn in the region and almost 10 percent of its population was back in poverty. On Monday, the country announce that the number of victims of the virus had almost triple than previously reporte, and that the per capita mortality rate had risen sharply to the highest in the world. Millions lost their jobs and many others were evicte.

Left-wing Candidate Union Activist

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Left-wing candidate, union activist 51-year-old Pedro Castillo has promise to reshape. The political and economic system to eradicate poverty and inequality by replacing. Together with the current constitution with a state that will give it a bigger role in the economy. His opponent, 46-year-old Keiko Fujimori, has vowe to support. Moreovera free market model develope by her father. Alberto Fujimori, who was originally credite with defeating violent left-wing uprisings in. The 1990s but is now despise by many as a corrupt autocrat. . Surveys show that candidates are almost equal. But many voters are frustrate with their options.

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