Were four and a half more likely to already be using highly integrated marketing technology in the cloud . Half of the companies and marketers surveyed in the study indicated that they intend to increase the budget allocated to technology to improve the customer experience during 2019, and very few (less than 6%) indicated that they intend to reduce it. The bottom line is clear: investing in digital marketing technologies is the best way to optimize CX. Data: The Marketing Goldmine The data builds the insights from which we can design, optimize and personalize the customer experience.

Tthe shortest way to reach sales goals. The most established companies with access to the most sophisticated marketing integration tools believe that the most valuable opportunity they should seize is not to optimize the user experience as such, but to explore the possibilities of data-driven marketing that Focus 100% on the individual . 37% of companies report that delivering real-time, data-driven personalized experiences is one of their most important goals three years from now.

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More than half of marketers believe. That Croatia WhatsApp Number List analytics is not yet reaching its full potential, and agree that even more effective. And sophisticated audience segmentation and targeting is possible. One of the main challenges that marketers face in relation to the use and analysis of data. Is to offer personalized experiences to their prospects without incurring violations. Of customer privacy. On the other side of the coin, more than half. Of the companies believe that the protection of personal data has a positive impact. On the relationship with their customers.

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And what about automation and artificial intelligence? Although the largest and fastest growing companies in the survey tend. To be at the forefront in terms of integrated marketing technologies. In general the response regarding topics related to the automation of operations. And the use of artificial intelligence still leaves much to be desired. to wish. When interviewees were asked for their opinion on automation applied in contexts of direct attention to clients and services, such as automated vehicles, the majority were “curious” and “cautious”. Less than 30% reported feeling optimistic.

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As for artificial intelligence, it seems that a third of companies feel that they do not need it, 37% are not clear how they could apply it and a large 38% indicate that they are open to it, but have not yet determined what it could do for them . . However, it is worth noting that there was a 50% increase compared to the previous year in the proportion of large companies and leaders in customer experience that began to use AI in their strategy. Conclution? The use of artificial intelligence to improve and personalize CX is already a trend, but it is still in its early stages, so now is the perfect time to take advantage of it and get ahead of the competition. At Xarvis we are experts in marketing automation and customer experience. Come to us an the resources you allocate to your digital marketing.


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