Since your content could be considered spam. Internal links to your blog . Link a few words or phrases that redirect to different pages related to your website (another post. Landing page…). They will allow the reader to continue browsing your website and continue to feed them with content. Include a call to action . It is one of the most important parts of the blog. As it is one of the key Bulgaria phone number that converts your visitors into leads. If you have gotten lost with any of these words. We leave you a mini dictionary that you can go to whenever you want. If you don’t offer a CTA. Your post will be a dead end for your visitors. Ideally. Include it at the end of the reading as they are more likely to click. Number of words in the post.

According to the analysis. The posts with a length of more than 1.000 words help the search engine to better identify the topic and the robots or spiders receive more words to index. Title Use some of your keywords that you already had to create the title. This will give you a solid boost to your SEO. Try not to exceed 70 characters in length . We tell you this because if the title is very long. When Bulgaria phone number for it in a search engine like Google. It may be cut off by its extension. Long-tail headline: Longer. More specific headlines allow you to rank better than a very general headline. Which everyone has already talked about. Goal Target description.

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It appears in search engine results and helps readers decide which post is going to be chosen to click. Try to be brief but precise. So you must include keywords. Ideally. Its length should be 160 characters. Urls. It has a big impact on search engines. So try to get at Bulgaria phone number one well-defined keyword to appear in your URL. Eye! Be careful with including Ñ. Strange characters and numbers that can cause errors. Image Images make search engines and especially visitors extremely happy. Include a cover image and at least one in the body of the blog . It is important that you include an alternative text (ALT) in each of the images. It will help the search engine to identify the subject of the photo.

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We must not forget to optimize our images because they affect 3 fundamental elements in positioning: Page load time. If the image is very heavy it will cause the page to be very slow. Converting users into leads. General aesthetics of the blog. Compress and optimize the images you attach to your blog. It is always good to use the JPEG format. Because it is the one that occupies the smallest size Bulgaria phone number losing much quality and image. Additionally. There are pages that allow you to further optimize the size without compromising quality. Category Use keywords to create different categories and then classify the posts with those topics. H1 tags It helps us to identify the most important header on a web page.

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Such as the title of the post. Try not to use more than 1 tag per page and try to have associated keywords. Social media It includes buttons to share on different social networks. It will give diffusion to your content which will provide you with an increase in visitors to the Bulgaria phone number and an improvement in your positioning. These tips can be applied to any type of blog. So if your company does not have one yet. It is the best time to start. If you already have. Do not miss the opportunity to improve the positioning of your content.

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