Programming languages ​​are the foundation of any software. To create software or an application, you need to be familiar with different languages, such as One of such popular programming languages ​​is Kotlin . In this article, I will tell you what Kotlin and its basics are. This article covers the following topics: What is Kotlin? Properties of Kotlin Kotlin IDE How do I run the first Kotlin app? Let’s get started What Is A Javascript Event What is Kotlin? Kotlin is a statically typed, general-purpose programming language from which one can deduce. It is widely used to develop application. Thailand Phone Number List Java class Library, but the type inference allows its syntax to be more concise. Kotlin focuses mainly on the JVM, but also compiles either native code. Kotlin supports JetBrains and Google through the Kotlin Foundation.


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His article and learn about the Thailand Phone Number various unique features of the Thailand Phone Number List Kotlin programming language. Properties of Kotlin The reason for Kotlin’s popularity is the unique qualities he has. Now let’s delve into the details of the various features. Concise : Kotlin is more concise than you will need to write about 40% fewer lines of code compared to Java. Interoperability : Kotlin’s programming language is highly interoperable with Java. You’ll never have a problem using Kotlin’s Java project. Rich in features : Kotlin provides a number of advanced features such as operator overload, Lambda expressions, templates and more. Easy : Kotlin is an easy programming language to Thailand Phone Number List learn. If you have knowledge of Java, it would be easy for you to learn Kotlin.


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During compilation because statically typed programming languages ​​check the type at compile time. So, these are some of the features that increase the popularity of Kotlin programming language. Now let’s take a look at the different platforms where you write and build your Kotlin apps. Kotlin IDE As shown in the image above, you can create applications using Eclipse, IntelliJ, or Android Studio. But I use IntelliJ IDEA because it’s the main platform and possible IDE designed and developed by Kotlin. Let’s move on and learn how to Thailand Phone Number List run the first Kotlin program. How to run the first Kotlin program You must first install the Thailand Phone Number List latest version of IntelliJ IDEA . Kotlin comes with the latest versions of IntelliJ. You do not need to install any plug-ins to run Kotlin applications.

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