In this age of the Internet and digital data, we see that a lot of online data is generated and consumed. This has caused a lot of traffic online. Therefore, it becomes very important for online platforms to manage this traffic and serve their customers better and faster. This Malta Phone Number List Amazon Route 53 (Route 53 tutorial will help you understand and implement the above practices). Amazon Route 53 It is an interchangeable (DNS) service that provides a reliable way to redirect traffic to applications. Amazon Route 53 can link queries to Malta Phone Number List entities such as AWS Elastic Load Balancers. So developers can associate domain names with S3 groups or other resources. With Amazon Route 53, businesses can easily track and route global traffic. In simple terms, route 53 is mainly used for 3 purposes.


Let’s Move on to Malta Phone Number List the Last

Section of this Amazon Route 53 lesson, Demo site redirect In this lesson. We will create a simple static site in two different regions (say, Northern Virginia and Mumbai). Then access the Malta Phone Number List site using the domain name and notice. When choosing regions, it is common for one region. To be physically closest to you and the other as an antipode to the other end of the world. Install the Apache web server and create a simple. Static website Configure Route53 as a. Latency Routing Policy Add name servers from Route 53 to. Freenom Test the entire setup. What are the prerequisites? Access to Malta Phone Number List two running instances of. Ubuntu EC2 in the regions of Northern Virginia and Mumbai (regional availability is not relevant).


An Instance of the Malta Phone Number List Ec2 T2.micro

Malta Phone Number List

Type should be good enough as we would install a simple static site, and well that t2.micro also comes in the AWS free tier. The procedure for creating EC2 instances and how to join. Them Malta Phone Number List is mentioned in the Amazon. Elastic Compute Cloud tutorial in Edureka. Be sure to choose the latest AMI for Ubuntu. Also make sure that ports 80 (http) and 22 (ssh) are open in the security group. The free Freenom domain, as mentioned in the official documentation, must be created. An existing domain name from any domain provider can also Malta Phone Number List be. Used in this tutorial, but the actions in this tutorial are related to the domain created by Freedom.

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