retreat of the ice during the two years of the study. The results obtained as a function of the movement of the ice, the ocean and the icebergs yielded robust answers. “We showed that we could do it for two seasons and that the thaw rates were credible, totally different from what was predicted by theory, and that they changed according to the season,” emphasizes the oceanographer, for whom the greatest challenge was the compilation of the observations. According to the scientists, these findings could improve projections of sea level rise caused by rising temperatures. “The hope is that these observations provide new constraints on glacier tip melting rates that will ultimately improve our predictions of sea level rise and rate of rise,”

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Sutherland concludes. The Pelagic sharks are Montserrat Email List those who swim the open sea, far from the coast. They include large predators such as the tiger shark , the white shark , or the shortfin mako , whose fishing is the leading Spanish fishery. Sometimes they are caught by accident, but many others are targeted for their meat and valuable fins for the controversial Asian soup. There is very little management of the capture of these species because the high seas areas are normally outside the national jurisdiction. However, for several years there has been a warning of a significant decline in many of these populations due to overfishing. Despite everything, the specific areas where sharks are concentrated and the catches that are made there are still very little k

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nown. There is very little management of the capture of these species, since the high seas areas are normally outside the national jurisdiction An international team, made up of more than 109 scientific centers from 26 different countries, including Spain , has analyzed which areas inhabited by sharks coincide with those with high fishing activity. The objective was to know if these species can take refuge from the industry. The work is published in the latest issue of the journal Nature . The researchers followed the movements of nearly 2,000 sharks using satellite trackers and combined them with movement data from longline fishing vessels – the type of fishing that catches most of these animals – obtained through a system. safety and

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