What should brands and companies do in the new normal and in the world that the coronavirus is leaving? That is possibly one of the big questions that those are responsible for. Companies and especially marketers ask themselves. Who have to navigate the turbulent waters of a complicated moment. The marketing strategy cannot stop during these months. Although it must be fine-tuned and must take into account the moment in which the brands. And their potential clients meet. It is not worth doing anything and, above all. It is not worth thinking only about the exact moment and the short term.

Society in General and Employees as Well as Their Partners in the Production

. Must establish their presence not only in the present, but also in the future. Companies must continue working to create value. Relationships and to connect with consumers in a valuable and solid way buy mobile phone number lists. They must take care of their. Positions because it will mark the relationship with consumers in the future. In the latest brandz study on brand value. Its analysts have also analyzed what brands should do and how. It will impact their strategy in the long and medium term.

Thus, the marketing strategy and the actions of companies

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From their conclusions, several points. Can be drawn that are crucial for the future of brands and that function. As pillars on which the marketing strategy must be based. Brand purpose
The importance of brand purpose has become clear in recent years. Millennials first and generation z later has shown the importance of brands going beyond. Traditional objectives – making money – and committing themselves to society. But the coronavirus crisis has made this reality .More visible and has accelerated this situation.As they point out in the analysis. In the current context. It is more important than ever to contribute and commit. “The response of the brands must encompass consumers. chain,” they point out.



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